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 Jersey Shore Receives a Big Hit


Watch Jersey Shore is undoubtedly an American reality tv series. Just one show into Season 4 of hit reality show "Jersey Shore"and, already, we have a situation. Well, ask yourself no more! The fourth time of the show is set to premiere Thursday night, August 4, in 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.Banks delivered 6.6 viewers for its season 4 finale, along 13 percent by season 3utes closer. That downturn is despite the season launching higher than previously, with a spectacular 8.8 million blowout that was MTV's most-watched series elite ever.Before that they headed abroad, MTV News spoke for some of the stars, whom shared their enjoyment for shooting this show in Tuscany. "I honestly can't wait to get there to see the place," Deena instructed MTV News with March.

Favorite minutes: Snooki's car accident. Ronnie fighting The specific situation. Snooki yelling "I don't ought to have this right now" (note: she probably can). And then there's that line: "It takes a thing really bad took place in this house to realize how much we love eachother."In the actual show, jersey shoreline season 4 dvd and blu-ray for sale, between functioning at the local pizza shop, shopping and clubbing, the cast had a little time to absorb Florence's artistic treasures, for example the Statue of Mark. Mike is still pouting as well as calls his sibling Melissa to say he is probably not going back to Jacket. He thinks if they all go back to Seaside without him, they may realize he's not the main cause of their problems. Correct.There is apparently a scenario between Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Henry "The Situation" Sorrentino during their stay in Florence,Italy. On the fourth-season elite of Watch Jersey Shore Online (MTV), she distributed this info while wearing thigh-high Apennine Peninsula-shaped footwear seemingly crafted from the particular hides of a litter of plush-toy ocelots.Try traveling by air over a staff greater than 150, dealing with an italian man , president's sudden decision to seal down the city middle where you're filming -- and finding your self locked in a train with a bunch of hardened criminals.What we get here is commedia dell'arte, with its reliance on physical gags (Snooki falling more than drunk, Deena falling more than sober), stock conditions (Pauly D primping), and funny dancing (set to store music).The Situation auto tires himself out in addition to goes to sleep, only to always be woken up by John, who decides it truly is finally time to simply tell him to stop causing episode, irritating everyone and customarily acting like an overgrown newborn. But nobody positions the Situation in a part so Ron is forced togive up.

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Jersey Shore Receives a Success

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Jersey Shore Receives a Big Hit


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